Tuesday, December 6, 2011

♥ My New Friends ♥

Okay, this is the first time for me bloging in English.
Actualy i realy envy to my friends, the others, they know much about english, but me
LOL, i can't do it well.
I've visited my blog's friends, Gosh.....!! i just know that some member of Crown Of Glory have a blog http://www.emocutez.com.
I'm so happy, can joint with them and sharing about some stories about campus or something like that http://www.emocutez.com , there's Lily Lee, Kristie, Selvie, and Asung, and i just wanna say hello to you all, happy to see you in blog's world.

I hope we can share all about us on blog, and give solution for each other.
Enjoy your day http://www.emocutez.com,

And God Bless :)


  1. i use english...
    but, not a correct Grammar..
    haiz, is also use singlish ( singapore English )
    maybe people dunt know or understand what i type...

  2. Hhahaha....

    It doesn't matter about it, the most important thing is we can express our stories on blog and share each other.

  3. kalo dilihat-lihat sekilas sele mirip sama agnes monica yah?. apa emang mata saya yang agak minus. hehehe..

    cantiik, boleh kenal? #plak

    seru banget punya temen baru..

  4. haii mon.. thx for ur visiting too...hope we can be a blessing through our blog...
    nice to know u .... salam kenal ^^

  5. hai ceece ! hahaha i used english but it was totally "bad" :p

  6. ea...
    try to used english la...