Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I am OK, I am On My Way!

I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, nobody's perfect. Hopefully, though, we're all getting better and are on our way to perfection. The important thing to remember is that even though we're not yet perfect, we're still OK. Just because we haven't arrived yet doesn't mean that we're not on our way.

I wasn't doing good enough, and I needed to try harder. Yet when I did try harder, I only failed again.

The process is always difficult. Growing and learning is never easy, but the changes make us better people. We begin to think differently, then to talk differently, and finally, to act differently. This process develops in stages, and we must always remember that while it's taking place, we can have the attitude, "I'm OK, and I'm on my way!" #JoyceMeyer


  1. But, you know that you never alone. His hands are here, holding you now and never let you go. Please be stronger Ce, i pray for you!

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